5 Great Ways to Overcome FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

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FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Fomo is an emotional feeling towards self that you are not performing great and going down in life. But the truth is that there is no such thing are exists in the world. It is only your thoughts that you are making. Now we know that it is only an innovation of your mind, then we need to think about why we are doing this? And what is happening with us?


fomo. fear of missing out

Fear of missing out. The name contains everything. When we are eagerly want anything but for some reason, it is not coming to you, that time you are feeling such anxiety. But there are other reasons like our thought process makes this anxiety stronger. And we need to immediately stop this thought process in our minds. Here we are discussing how these thoughts come?

Top 3 Reasons for FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out)

Comparing with Others.


One of the big reasons for FOMO is comparing yourself with others like friends and colleagues. For example, if our friends buy a new house, we instantly start comparing it with us. But it goes dangerous when this thought process comes in a continuous loop. And the not only house, there are many things that we always compare with others, but you need to understand that you are consistently focusing on what others are doing rather than focusing on yourself. We need to stop this thought process first because it contributes a big part to FOMO.

Social Media.


Social media is another major reason for FOMO. In researches, it found that using social media may lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. On social media, especially in video websites, we are continually searching for some topics, but if we cannot find such information, it may also cause you FOMO. 

Also, for community websites where we and our friend’s drops post daily may strengthen your feeling that you are not doing great. and your mobile notification remembering you these things from time to time. [1]


Loneliness may tend to put into FOMO. If your plans are not working properly, and you are away from your close ones, it may cause anxiety and stress. Fear of missing out something in your life such feeling can ruin deeply in your mind. It happens because there is no one near you to share your thoughts.

How to Deal with FOMO?

First, you have to fix one thing in your mind that FOMO is not a big issue like other diseases. It can easily overcome by yourself or counseling. Every person is going through such things in their life or went through. You are not alone.

The best answer to how to deal with FOMO is by understanding your thought process. Negative thoughts may worsen your anxiety, depression, and FOMO. By keeping your mind cool and positive, you can easily overcome FOMO.

Rather than spending time on social media, playing with kids or pets may feel joy in your life; it also helps you minimize stress levels and distract from negative thoughts.

5 Great Ways to Overcome FOMO.

Stop Comparing.

The biggest reason for FOMO is to compare yourself with others. Most of the people always doing a comparison with others and spoil their own lives. So without comparing others, You need to focus on your goal and steadily go forward to achieve it. The pace is not important to achieve goals. On the opposite, doing smart and quality work can always achieve the target before times.

Take Action.


Fear of missing out something like life goals and whatever else comes to reality when you stop doing any action towards goals. By drawing a proper map to achieve your target, you can easily find several ways. 

Some people only think about their goal and do research continuously and not taking any actions. Rather than only thinking about your target and researching them, you need to step forward towards it, so success will surely come to you.

Connect with Others.

In FOMO, always people do disconnect contact with others. They don’t pick up a call, even don’t reply to call, they don’t like to meet anyone. But, by doing these things, you are not getting anything, but you are strengthening your fear by not facing anyone. By joining others, greet them on their life events, and join them in their happiness, you will reduce fear and anxiety. 

Connecting with people and share your experience or problem, and you will always explore the new ways through their thinking and life experiences.

Social Media.

If you are daily active on social media for several hours, then it’s an alarming situation for you. FOMO’s feeling may worsen by continuously seeing that your friends are doing some interesting in their life or living a great life than you. If anyone is experiencing fear of missing out chronically, it may lead to addictive behavior towards social media. 

So it’s strongly recommended that you cut off your social media use. And utilize your time to execute your plan and step forward towards your life goal rather than watching social media.


Meditation is the key to a stable mind. For practicing any path to overcome FOMO, you always need a calm and stable mind, then only you can do well, reduce your fear of missing out quickly. 

So for that purpose, meditation is the best way to keep you calm. Many types of meditating methods are there to practice you can check out easily but by doing the simple method of closing eyes, sitting in a proper position of meditation, and focus on the point between your eyes for a minimum of half an hour. 

While doing this, you try to eliminate all your thoughts in mind. By doing this, you will experience good results.


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