8 Stunning Health Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom & Uses.

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What is Cordyceps Mushroom?


 Cordyceps Mushroom is a fungus that grows on specific caterpillars in the high mountainous region of Bhutan, India, Tibet (China), and Nepal.

Many species found worldwide, but still naturally grown. Cordyceps Sinensis is very expensive and difficult to get. For some decades, scientists developed natural conditions in laboratories suitable for the growth of cordyceps, and they had succeeded in growing this precious mushroom in a lab. Cordyceps militaris is a popular species among them.

Nowadays, many cordyceps supplements are manufacturing using laboratory-developed because natural cordyceps mushroom is very rare and expensive, so it cannot make available to all. The price of Cordyceps Sinensis is around 15000 $ -20000 $ per kilogram. This mushroom is carrying very less cordyceps extract containing naturally grown cordyceps Sinensis in it because of such a high price tag.

cordyceps mushroom


What is Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps Mushroom is a fungus that grows on specific caterpillars in the high mountainous region of Bhutan, India, Tibet (China), and Nepal.

Many species found worldwide, but still naturally grown. Cordyceps Sinensis is very expensive and difficult to get. For some decades, scientists developed natural conditions in laboratories suitable for the growth of cordyceps, and they had succeeded in growing this precious mushroom in a lab. Cordyceps militaris is a popular species among them.

Nowadays, many cordyceps supplements are manufacturing using laboratory-developed because natural cordyceps mushroom is very rare and expensive, so it cannot make available to all. The price of Cordyceps Sinensis is around 15000 $ -20000 $ per kilogram. This mushroom is carrying very less cordyceps extract containing naturally grown cordyceps Sinensis in it because of such a high price tag.

People are consuming this mushroom from ancient times in high altitude region of the Himalaya. This mushroom is popularly known as Himalayan Viagra, Yarsagumba, Keedajadi, and Keedaghas in these regions. People living in these regions take cordyceps mushroom traditionally in their meal or food as a supplement.

It is mostly practicing to treat sexual problems like sexual performance, lack of satisfaction, sex drive, etc. However, it is also using to resolve liver-related issues, enhance athletic ability, and many other uses, but there is no solid scientific evidence to justify these treatment benefits. [1]

How Cordyceps Mushroom Works?

 It increases immunity power by stimulating certain chemicals and body cells in our immune system. Cordycepin in Cordyceps militaris shows activities against cancer cells, which shrinks tumor size, especially for skin and lung cancers. [2]

Nucleosides are the major components of this mushroom. These nucleosides are with potent bioactivities for many medical purposes. For example, nucleosides found in cordyceps militaris shows not only antitumor activity but also antibacterial, antiviral, and insecticidal potentials.

Some nucleosides like adenosine and cordycepin are authorizing as a significant marker of cordyceps quality control. [3]

8 Health Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom. 


Anti-Tumor Properties.

 Multiple in vitro and animal experiments reflect that extracts of Cordyceps and extracts of mycelium help reduce tumor cells and enhance survival life. [6, 7]

Taking the supplement of this cordyceps mushroom may reduce the tumor’s chances and related health concerns.

Athletic Performance.

 While exercising cordyceps, mushroom increases oxygen intake level in the body and provides more endurance in the athlete’s performance.

For every athlete, the main and the most prior concern is his/her athletic performance. Nowadays, every athlete is willing to opt for natural supplements to enhance their performance and productivity.

However, you must consider genuine and good quality supplements to enhance your abilities safely and effectively.

Besides, a natural supplement not only enhances performance but also fulfills the daily needs of minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients to your body.

One of the natural supplements named “Cordyceps,” gaining its momentum and importance day by day.

Improvements in VO2 Max Levels.

 VO2 max is the rate of consuming Oxygen by the body during an incremental exercise; it increases its intensity.

VO2 Max is determined from three terms: “V” stands for Volume.

“O2” stands for Oxygen.

“Max” stands for Maximum.

Maximum oxygen consumption enhances your cardiorespiratory fitness and adds endurance in your exercising power and performance.

Earlier studies show that staking Cordyceps as supplements can improvise your exercising ability and performance.

However, based on the studies performed in the year 2016, it was found that taking Cordyceps is proved to more beneficial for non-trained athletes.

Another hand, in highly trained athletes, its uses are marked as less effective according to studies. They may need to take strong dosages to achieve good results as per their health professionals’ guidance.

Provides Resistance Towards Fatigue.

 Cordyceps and its extracts have been used as a medicine for endurance and lowering fatigue issues traditionally. Scientists and researchers were showing their interests to verify every claim made previously.

Moreover, in 2015, a medical article published mentioned the study of swimming mice and many more experimental shreds of evidence. This provides huge support to Cordyceps Militaris is a beneficial and effective agent in lowering down the fatigue issues.

However, researchers and experts confirmed that the present evidence is not enough to conclude its benefits; rather, we need to perform many more human-based studies to know the favorable health benefits, including anti-fatigue qualities.

Boost Up Oxygen Level During a Workout.

 An increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) while exercising is linking with Cordyceps, VO2 Max, and fatigue resistance.

ATP or adenosine triphosphate is representing as the primary energy transporter or carrier in all living beings, including humans.

However, none of the past clinical studies 100% proven that consuming Cordyceps boosts ATP production during exercise.

Evidence found from the studies that the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is directly related to the heart’s health. It improves the heart’s health by a high blood purification rate.

What Is The Advisable Quantity Of Cordyceps Athletes?

It recommended that most athletes start with around 1 gram of Cordyceps militaris per day in a single dose or multiple doses with meals.

Moreover, you can increase the dosage to 2 to 3 grams based on your weight, activity level, and age with time.

There are no official guidelines established to date regarding optimal dose, so it depends on you and your mind to analyze the intensity of workouts you are doing, your athleticism level, and your body structure and composition.

Cordyceps Acts as a Pre-Workout Supplement.

As mentioned above, Cordyceps reflects positive benefits in enhancing VO2 Max levels in your body, a great source of anti-fatigue issues, and boosts ATP production in the body, which keeps the heart healthy and improves the overall body’s metabolism.

Besides, Cordyceps also provides multiple potential health advantages, including an anti-inflammatory healthy body supplement and adds free radical-fighting antioxidants. So these two properties generate profits for your pre-workout sessions.

It always recommends trying a Cordyceps mushroom elixir before your daily workout sessions, which drastically boosts your energy level and gives a long-lasting result until the end of your sweaty workout session.


However, this funky looking mushroom has gained popularity as a great natural source of remedies. It is hundreds of years old remedy and still likely to grow with time for better health.

However, to date, most of the studies were done on an animal that provides super regulation of blood sugar levels and works efficiently as an antitumor/cancer agent that kills cancer cells in various parts of the body.

You are an athlete and willing to take your performance and efficiency to the next level, then Cordyceps supplements and tea made by cordyceps Militaris must be the best option.

Happy workouts!

May Helps in Kidney Related Issues.

 Earlier researches mentioned that taking Cordyceps Mushroom with certain therapies may improve kidney functionality. Early research found that using it with a combination of drugs might reduce the chances of kidney damage at old age people.

Taking cordyceps mushroom with some other elements might decrease the chances of kidney damage. [4, 10]

When a patient goes for a kidney transplant, the Cordyceps plays a significant role.

Potential to Balance Type 2 Diabetes.

 In type 2 diabetes, blood glucose level increases due to the lack of formation of insulin. In simple words, insulin is medium, which helps glucose to enter into the cells. Because of the lack of insulin formation, glucose cannot enter into cells properly and stay itself. An increase in blood glucose levels can cause major health issues.

Earlier animal studies found that Cordyceps, specifically the polysaccharide extracts, lower down the body’s blood glucose level besides enhancing glucose metabolism and body insulin.

Even specific clinical trial results reflect that consuming Cordyceps Sinensis 3 gm. daily will improve blood sugar level over placebo. [5, 11]

Potential Heart Health Benefits.

 Our heart plays the most crucial role in our body to pump the blood and circulate in all parts of the body. Pumping of heart, we called heartbeats in general terms.

It also helps in blunt heart injuries caused by accidents and critical injuries while playing sports.

It also cut down the bad cholesterol in our body and able to balance cholesterol level. Balancing the cholesterol level is helpful for heart health because many heart issues are also related to it.

Our heart always needs special attention to maintain its regularity compared with other body organs. The heart that circulated the pureblood throughout the body, supplying nutrients, including Oxygen, to the tissues and carries out CO2 and other wastes.

From the last few decades from research, we realized that Cordyceps improves the heart’s health, and by this, the fungi are increasing its popularity amongst scientists and researchers.

Arrhythmia Treatment by Cordyceps.


Arrhythmia means, in simple words, is the irregular pumping rhythm of the heart or irregular heartbeats. With increasing age, Arrhythmia’s chances also increase, in general, found in the people reaching their 50’s.

Arrhythmia is the condition when the heart loses its predefined pumping rhythm, which alters your life. In other words, we can say an abnormal pumping sequence and missing electrical impulses that manage the heart’s pumping cycle.

In this scenario, the heart beats too fast, and on the next moment, it drops down too slow; it keeps on changes; no regularity maintains. So the heart unable to pump adequate blood to all the body parts, which can damage the brain, heart, and other body parts.

Lastly, based on past researches, Cordyceps may improve your heart health. So, at last, china gave its approval to use Cordyceps for the treatments of Arrhythmia.

Reducing Heart Injuries.


A blunt heart injury is an injury caused by any accident or falling from a height or critical sports injury. If the heart is seriously injured, the patient needs to be treated immediately or lead to death. It was found in most cases that heart injuries become worse with time if not treated on time.

A bruise in the muscle of the heart or myocardial contusion may affect the heart’s normal beating, which in the future, leads to Arrhythmia.

The wall of the heart gets torn or ventricular rupture; it causes high internal bleeding. However, bleeding from a small tear sometimes allows the patient to receive treatments. The blood collected outside of the heart may cause interference in the heart’s efficiency and ability. Moreover, any damage to the valve of the heart leads to heart failure.

Lastly, based on past studies, Cordyceps Militaris significantly improves internal heart injuries and many chronic diseases. Chronic diseases and heart injuries can increase the risk of heart failure. So to reduce these injuries, Cordyceps plays an effective role in the medical field.

Formation Of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)


It is a historical medicine for its metabolic and energy production properties. Studies found that extracts of Cordyceps boost the available energy for muscles and other body tissues by increasing ATP levels.

In other words, we can say ATP is something like smalls batteries that store energy and distributes it throughout the body.

Under stress conditions, it helps in raising the ATP levels to avoid fatigue. Cordyceps not only improves the ATP levels bust also the blood flow and overall increases the energy metabolism.

It also plays an important role in increasing the immune system cell production and heart muscle mitochondrial ATP production.

At old age, the human body tends to lose the ability to store Adenosine Triphosphate energy packets, leading to weakness, tiredness, feeling sleeping, and many more health diseases. So it is widely recommended to take Cordyceps supplements as it is a natural compound with highly heart-protective effects.

Balancing Cholesterol Levels.


Besides your daily healthy eating routine, a herbal remedy can even reduce the highly elevated cholesterol levels.

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the super herbs to reduce or cut down your bad cholesterol and make you fit and strong.

Due to high demand and low availability, Cordyceps becomes the world’s expensive natural wild herb with medical qualities.

Why is it so costly? It is costly because it develops only in high mountainous regions of the Himalayas near Tibet and Nepal and some other border zones of India and China.

For past researches on animals, it was found that Cordyceps decreases LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. LDL increases the risk of heart diseases by building cholesterol in the arteries.


Cordyceps is a natural medicine and treating various types of health diseases for centuries. However, the fungi have shown many benefits in researchers, but we still need a lot more research on the effects in humans.

For recommended use, There are many human studies on Cordyceps’ effects on heart health. The Cordyceps potentially boost the energy and Oxygen in our blood. No guidelines are available regarding dosage, and how much is safe to consume at once? So if you want to take Cordyceps supplements, make sure about its quality and purity.


[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Bacterial Diseases and Inflammation.

 Cordyceps militaris extract (CME) shows anti-inflammatory activity according to research made from Cordyceps militaris, a popular species of cordyceps.

Cordyceps militaris has great antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it may be the best supplement for preventing or curing general health issues like cough & cold.

As per experimental results, it reduces inflammation in the airways so that it can be useful as a potential therapy for asthma.

Researchers recommended that consuming it alone will reduce asthma in adults.

However, other researches show that consuming it and other herbs for more than six months will not show any improvements in reducing asthma issues in children.

It may also be useful in inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis. But more scientific research & pieces of evidence needed. In some cases, it found that RA is more vital after consuming it. [8]

Helps During Sexual Activity.

Earlier old researches mentioned that taking certain Cordyceps mushroom products (Cs-4) for almost 40 days will drastically improve sex drive time in people and with high satisfaction levels. [9]

Sexual dysfunction is a sexual problem generally observed during the time of sexual intercourse. It mainly prevents a couple or an individual from reaching its satisfaction level from its sexual activity. Perfect sexual intercourse includes excitement, arousal, reaching orgasm, and lastly, resolution.

However, the desire for sexual activity and reaching arousal both include the high excitement phase of sexual intercourse. There are various types of Sexual dysfunction in men are Erectile Disorder, Early Ejaculation, and Retarded Ejaculation.

Some women’s dysfunctions are Inability to achieve orgasm, less or no vaginal lubrication, and can’t relax vaginal muscles during intercourse. The old traditional Chinese fungi Cordyceps work effectively to treat sexual dysfunction in both males and females.

Erection Dysfunction.

 It is a state in which a man unable to get or hold an erection strong enough throughout sexual intercourse. Erection dysfunction is not a permanent situation to worry for; rather, it develops with stress, lack of self-confidence, or incompatibility in a relationship.

The problem in erection for a long time may lead to multiple problems, including heart disease. So, it’s quite necessary to treat it as soon as possible. Consulting a doctor without any embarrassment is the best and safest way to sort it out.

From researches over animals, it was found that Cordyceps has a great influence on enhancing sexual desires.

Early and Late Ejaculation.

 Early or Premature ejaculation (PE) is when a man can’t control or hold its ejaculation for long during the sex. Rapid ejaculation is the other name of premature ejaculation. It is not a vital problem to worry about; rather, it can create frustration in a relationship as if it makes sex least enjoyable and leads to spoiling relationships.

To date, the exact cause of premature ejaculation was not proofed with 100% accuracy. However, it was assumed that serotonin is responsible for ejaculation. It is a natural component made in nerves. As the amount or concentration of serotonin increases in our brain, which automatically enhances the period of ejaculation. With a decreasing amount of serotonin reduces the ejaculation holding time, which significantly leads to early ejaculation.

Besides, Cordyceps Sinensis extracts stimulate the sex glands for the production of sexual hormones, which add extra sexual desire and excitement in the body, by which you may feel younger and energetic.

Sperm count and Testosterone.

 In simple words, we can say sperm count means the average number of sperm available or present in a semen sample. There are various qualities based on which the sperm count is analyzed, and it is the most important factor for fertility.

However, sperm count decreases due to certain conditions like irregular or inadequate sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking also reduces overall sperm health, and overstress reduces sperm quality and count drastically.

Testosterone is a man specific hormones produces by testicles. It helps in developing muscles, bones, and hair growth. The main function of Testosterone is to develop sexual organs like the penis and prostate.

Moreover, it performs the overall stability and sexual function in a man’s body. This hormone is solely responsible for sperm production.

Cordyceps a natural medication from Chinese origin having great efficiency in producing hormonal testosterone levels in the body.

Patients must be aware of testosterone treatment because it can decrease your sperm counts and hormone imbalance. It was not recommended to go for testosterone treatment at reproductive age because it may hamper your biological children or may freeze your sperm for later use.

Controlling Your Cholesterol Levels.

 Cholesterol is a fatty, grease-like substance. With time we tend to develop bad cholesterol (LDL) in our blood, which develops plagues in arteries and slows down the blood flow.

Moreover, these blockages can happen at any part of your body; it can also affect your sexual life by effecting blood circulation in your genetic area, including the penis.

The most common side effect of high cholesterol is erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is solely responsible for transmitting sexual simulations. However, high cholesterol slows down the blood flow in the testicles as a result effectively of testicles decreases to produce Testosterone.

Clinical studies proved that Cordyceps Sinensis plays an effective role in lowering the total cholesterol level by 10% to 21%. Besides, it increases HDL cholesterol by 27% to 30%. So it can create a significant difference in your sexual performance.

Lastly, as we all know, liver dysfunction is the main reason for the formation of blood cholesterol in our body. However, regular consumption of Cordyceps extracts lowers down the kidneys’ toxicity and normalizes the liver’s biochemical composition. It also improves your body’s resistivity from internal and external factors.


As from the above article, we realized that Cordyceps Sinensis Extracts includes multiple sexual benefits and helps us improve sexual dysfunction. However, from studies, it was found more effective in the case of men’s sexual dysfunctions like erectile, Testosterone productive, and many more. Cordyceps is a traditional Chinese natural fungus; from years, experts perform clinical research on it, but still, various improvements are needed to declare it as an effective medicine for sexual dysfunction officially. Hence we suggest you consult your health advisor or doctor before consuming it.

Anti-aging Effects.

The meaning of anti-aging is not to stop the aging process, but on the other hand, we can use many anti-aging treatments to decelerate or delay the aging process.

Our body is made up of different types of cells. The death of body cells cause aging. As a result, when growing from child to old age, body cells of children and young adults are supple and can rejuvenate more effectively than the old age. As the years pass, our body’s capacity to generate new cells reduces, cells’ death occurs, and the aging process starts.

 Cordyceps Mushroom has antioxidant properties in it. It helps increase antioxidants in the body and improve memory and sexual functions caused by the aging process. Antioxidants are particles that fight with the damaged cells by compensating free radicals, which mainly causes the aging process.

Traditionally this mushroom uses to reduce weakness or fatigue, boost energy & strength, increase sexual fitness. Researchers found in experiments that because of cordyceps, life increases in several months than other content used.

Top 5 Best Cordyceps Mushroom Supplement.


  • Capsule.
  • Extract Powder.
  • Tea.
  • Tincture.
  • Coffee.

CS4 Capsule is the most popular medicine nowadays for boosting endurance during exercise and sports. It increases oxygen intake level (Vo2max) in the human body. Many athletes and sports persons take this as a pre-workout supplement.

Pilot studies prove that supplement with Cordyceps Sinensis (Cs-4) improves exercise performance. Cordyceps mushroom extract powder can use as a mixture with shakes, milk, and wine.

Many famous brands develop products like cordyceps tea & coffee for daily use purposes. As all products made from cordyceps so affect also the same. It just varies upon the concentration of the product.

But such cordyceps mushroom products like tea and coffee will make a boom shortly because such products are for the daily dietary supplement and not for the use of any treatment or cure any diseases. It only for preventive measures for general health issues and healthy life.

Cordyceps Side Effects and Safety


Taking Cordyceps by mouth.

In most of the cases, Cordyceps is considered safe for most of the people when consumed properly, for a small term. It can cause small side effects, including constipation, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Avoid during Pregnancy and Brest-feeding

We don’t have enough evidence that taking this mushroom is safe in case of a pregnancy or breastfeeding scenario. So it is always recommended to avoid it and stay safe.

Auto-Immune Diseases.

It was found in most of the cases that auto-immune diseases become more vital, and symptoms also grow very rapidly when Cordyceps are taken via mouth. It is always safe to avoid it.

Bleeding problems.

It shows low blood clotting disorders when consumed by mouth. It also increases the risk of heavy bleeding in patients suffering from bleeding issues.

Surgery related problems.

It may increase the risk of bleeding during surgical proceedings when consumed by mouth. It was recommended to stop doses for two weeks before surgery.

How to Consume Cordyceps Mushroom?


Still, researchers working on the cordyceps. And due to lack of research, there is no consensus on how to take cordyceps dosages commonly in human research, 1,000–3,000 mg per day dosages are proved as safe. This range is not associated with side effects and has been found to have certain health benefits.

An exact oral dose amount can’t be defined; however, it is considering to be safe. In researches, it was given to mice of an amount 80g/kg to its body weight did not cause death. Moreover, no significant cell toxicity was found in the mice.

The safe amount of consumption of the Cordyceps mushroom boosts the immune system. However, it showed mild effects on plasma testosterone levels of the mice.


Most frequent questions and answers

Before buying cordyceps, you have to decide which cordyceps product you need to buy. There are many cordyceps products available in extracts, tinctures, etc. on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and others. Most of the product manufacture using cordyceps militaris fruiting body and its mycelium.

Most of the people prefer to buy cordyceps militaris in raw form. Raw cordyceps can consume by making cordyceps tea, shake, or as topping on various dishes like pizzas and sandwiches.

Suppose you are looking for the naturally grown Cordyceps Sinensis. In that case, you need to research a lot because it may be possible for illegal activities while doing with such high-value trading.

As we know, naturally grown cordyceps Sinensis are found only in high mountain regions of the Himalaya or northern parts of India, so the best place to buy cordyceps is directly from these regions.

According to one news article published in the Times of India, for cordyceps Sinensis buying, you can contact the van panchayat in India’s Uttarakhand state.

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