About Us

Healths naturals is a research website. In this, we research different methods that are used all over the world for natural health. These methods may in the form of herbs, exercise, spiritual, and any other known media.

When we feel sick, we try different home remedies, like taking steam for cold and coughing or drinking turmeric milk. Also, by following good habits like regular drinking warm water, we prevent many health issues.

If we notice not all of us are health professionals or doctors, yet we follow these habits and remedies. And we also get relief from these natural remedies because these remedies are bound with us by our culture and traditions. Inspired by these ideas, we created Healths Naturals.

By research, we noticed that we all know about natural remedies that exist in our area or region only. But there are various remedies available for different health issues around the world.

People living in a specific region habitually consume several herbs found in that region in their regular food in many traditions and cultures. We can experience that they don’t even know about some health issues present in the world because we did not find such health issues in that region or a specific community.

So by understanding all these, we decided to gather all such data for our community. We also need your contribution to our mission. We request you to share whatever method is prevalent in your region concerning natural health and whatever information you have.

Girish Deshmukh

About me

Girish Deshmukh


Founder – Healths Naturals 

Girish is an Entrepreneur working in the food industry over several years and serving healthy, delicious food to people. Girish is passionate about learning new things about natural health and lifestyle. He firmly believes that precaution is always better than cure, so he researches herbs, natural medication, and home remedies and writes exciting information for his audience.